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Todtnau-Geschwend, June 8th 2021


Since this week Covid-19 vaccinations for our employees by our company doctor start at ZAHORANSKY Germany. After implementation of an internal Covid-19 rapid test center, this is already the second offer to our employees for the prevention of infections.

Todtnau-Geschwend, May 3rd 2021

ZAHORANSKY Coimbatore, India - Covid-19 measures

  • Implementation of shift systems to reduce contact opportunities
  • Building redundant units with time-shifted work to maintain production operations in case of infections
  • Construction, purchasing, administration work from the home office
  • ZAHORANSKY provides free self-testing to all employees & monitored regular testing
  • Regular education of employees on preventive measures in personal and business settings
  • Oxygen concentrators to assist with restricted breathing in case of emergencies
  • There is a dedicated bus shuttle service for our employees to avoid contacts
  • All other measures apply as in our plants in Germany and Spain.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 28th 2021

Information about the current situation at ZAHORANSKY

Financial situation

  • Liquidity is secured for 2021. Credit lines are not utilized
  • The order situation in 2020 was at pre-crisis level. For the first quarter of 2021 we record a minus in order intake of 20%.
  • In 2020 ZAHORANSKY was able to close with a significant profit
  • The order backlog is high and at the previous year's level
  • The Todtnau site is currently doing an average of 20% short-time work


  • All ZAHORANSKY production sites are operating at 100% without capacity restrictions
  • Delivery times are at normal level
  • We record few Covid 10 infections and quarantine measures in our plants


  • Installations, commissioning and service calls are still possible. Depending on the pandemic situation, these are carried out either on-site or remotely.
  • Our service is currently available 20 hours a day (20/5). We use our global service network
  • We have digital solutions consisting of software and hardware to perform FAT, SAT and maintenance/repair missions via remote service

Current regulations and measures to prevent Covid-19 and its consequences

  • ZAHORANSKY has established internal Covid-19 testing centers with medical professionals on the factory premises; all employees can and should be tested regularly free of charge
  • There is a testing obligation for all visitors
  • There are only visits to our plants if they are deemed "business critical"
  • There is a medical mask requirement in all areas outside the offices
  • Existing hygiene rules will be continued
  • The maximum staffing of offices has been reduced again
  • A shift model with redundant groups has been introduced for administration and production
  • Meetings have been completely converted to digital web meetings
  • Approximately 60% of our employees are currently in the home office (average for the entire company)
  • Before traveling to customers, suppliers and partners, our employees are tested for Covid-19
  • Prior to Monday trips and service calls, we conduct a briefing with our customers to align protective measures
  • No visits between our manufacturing facilities are permitted. This allows us to maintain redundant production capacity in the event of closures
  • A procurement task force has been set up to counter procurement bottlenecks preventively
  • Stocks are built up for critical procurement parts to avoid supply bottlenecks

Todtnau-Geschwend, October 07th 2020

Measures against Covid-19 - 2nd wave in autumn/winter

Due to the increasing number of Covid-19 infections in Germany, Europe and many other regions worldwide, the sites in Todtnau, Freiburg and Rothenkirchen are again increasing hygiene measures.

  • Office attendance times are significantly reduced by expanding the home office quota.
  • The division of teams and time-delayed presence in administration, sales, technology, production and assembly reduces the risk of failure of complete functional areas.
  • Presence meetings are only permitted in exceptional cases. Virtual web meetings are again the standard.
  • Travel between locations is prohibited, visits from customers and suppliers are only permitted after careful examination for necessity.
  • All other hygiene regulations are consistently implemented and controlled. Disinfection, mouth and nose protection and distance rules are still mandatory.
  • Similar regulations are also implemented in our production facilities and service/sales branches worldwide.

With this joint effort, we are taking preventive action against possible infections in our plants and branches. Our top priority is the personal protection of our customers, employees and business partners, as well as ensuring our ability to deliver.

Todtnau-Geschwend, August 27th 2020

Service & machine commissioning in times of Covid-19

Especially in times of Covid-19, a reliable service is important as the market situation requires a rapid reaction on changing consumer behavior. However, in many cases our technicians are not allowed to travel to our customer sites and have personal visits. Also a visit to one of our production facilities might not be feasible due to governmental restrictions.

To solve this challenge, we have enabled new remote communications in all service fields:

  • Remote service from our service staff via our App “ZOLVE” (ios/android) for troubleshooting with existing machines
  • Remote FATs (Factory Acceptance Test at ZAHORANSKY sites) enable the delivery of new machines to customer facilities
  • Remote commissioning and SATs (Site Acceptance Test at customers site) enables start-up of new machines at customer sites

The conduction of FAT and SAT via remote is challenging but feasible. We have carried out successfully several remote service calls, FAT and SAT during the past months. This is a key factor in business survival during the Covid-19 pandemic for us and all customers.

Todtnau-Geschwend, June 30th 2020

Automated production of coronavirus vials ZAHORANSKY receives large order for systems for the processing of vaccine containers

Todtnau, Germany – June 30th, 2020. A US company has placed a major order with a value of 25 million euro for eleven automation lines and six removal units for vaccine containers (vials) with ZAHORANSKY AG. With a global research drive for a vaccine against COVID-19, the preparations to manufacture the ampules with vaccines are already in full swing. Already from August, ZAHORANSKY will supply the manufacturer of coated COP (cyclo olefin polymer) vaccine containers with the first automation lines required for production; others will gradually be delivered afterwards. The Z.SIROC, Z.MISTRAL, and Z.LODOS models are used for this purpose. To guarantee both continuous automation as well as consistent quality in the manufacturing process, a total of 120 cameras and 53 robots will be installed. As soon as the lines are fully assembled and put into operation, they will be able to process 600,000 vials per day. Michael Schmidt, Managing Director of ZAHORANSKY Automation & Molds GmbH, adds: “Handling COP containers for delicate vaccines is no easy matter. However, we managed to convince our client with our years of experience in integrating our lines into the production facilities of our customers, as well as with our ‘Made in Germany’ quality.” Vaccines consist of compounds with high molecular weight. These have a sensitive reaction to, among other things, heavy metal particles in glass containers, which are created during the hardening process. This lowers the shelf life of the vaccine. Plastic vials made of COP (cyclo olefin polymer) are an alternative to glass. These are manufactured in an injection blow-molding process. They stand out with their high breakage resistance as well as glass-like transparency, but offer poorer oxygen tightness. Therefore, the US manufacturer uses an additional silicon dioxide nanocoating. This reinforces the oxygen barrier and also allows for low-temperature storage. As a result, the plastic container can be transported more securely compared to the glass alternative, and it has a longer shelf life – invaluable benefits when it comes to a vaccine in global demand. The US company put its trust in ZAHORANSKY because it is the only company with the necessary cumulative experience to cover all aspects of the production process. Michael Schmidt explains in more details: “This project was, in many ways, challenging. We needed to cover a range of demands – starting with the integration of the injection blow-molding machine at the customer, through to seamless documentation as well as traceability (track & trace) with laser engraving and integration into the MES system, up to continuous camera controls using algorithms developed specifically for this application.” After full assembly of the automated production line, the eleven Z.SIROC automation lines take the COP vials from the injection blow-molding machine and transfer them to the Z.MISTRAL. Here, the vaccine containers are cooled and a laser engraves an individual marking. The Z.LODOS now removes the processed and checked parts and passes them on to the NEST/TUB for finishing with a nanocoating. The vials are constantly checked for quality by various cameras during all phases of production.

Todtnau-Geschwend, June 10th 2020

ZAHORANSKY in dealing with the corona virus (COVID-19)

ZAHORANSKY has taken various measures to prevent the spread of the virus. An emergency response team has been put together. This team has decided and implemented the following measures:

Code of conduct for employees, customers and suppliers

  • There will be no shaking hands.
  • Cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm, keeping your distance and turning away.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • ZAHORANSKY employees, customers and suppliers must all wear mouth and nose protection. Masks are available at the head office. However, everyone can bring their own mask, whether textile or fleece, a scarf or buffs.
  • We keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters with mouth and nose protection or at least 2 meters without mouth and nose protection to our fellow men.
  • ZAHORANSKY employees keep away from larger gatherings.
  • Common meals, where the distance of at least two meters cannot be kept, must be omitted.
  • At ZAHORANSKY all door handles and handrails as well as armrests and tables are regularly disinfected. Means are available for hand hygiene.
  • The maximum number of people in the meeting rooms is limited.
  • In case of illness and flu-like symptoms, it is essential to stay at home.

Regular information to employees

For extensive information on measures and behavior at ZAHORANSKY and in the private sector, infection incidence and payment, employees can leave their private email address. Information is regularly sent to this address, the business email address and to a Corona information board.

Guide for managers

The managers have been given a guide for behaviour in cases of suspicion and contact, which provides a decision-making aid. This provides information on the typical symptoms and the procedure to be followed in the event of direct or indirect contact with a person infected with the corona virus. In doing so, we conduct ourselves in accordance with the recommended regulations of the RKI (Robert Koch Institute).

ZAHORANSKY Newsboard for customers and business partners

A news board, which can be accessed via the homepage, regularly informs customers and external business partners about news at ZAHORANSKY in connection with the pandemic.

Obligatory self-declaration for external visitors and employees

This declaration is a prerequisite for access to ZAHORANSKY for visitors and external employees and is for their information. Attention is drawn to the Code of Conduct and asked about any stay abroad, contact with an infected person and flu-like symptoms. Contact details are stored and access is only granted if all questions are answered with "No". Confirmation is provided by a signature.

Behaviour at ZAHORANSKY in a confirmed case of corona infection

If it is confirmed that an employee has become infected with the corona virus, the following procedure is followed:

  • All affected units are informed immediately.
  • These are: The Corona Emergency Response Team, the manager, the department's employees, any other contact persons, the Health Department.
  • If it is established that employees have had contact with the confirmed infected employee 48 hours before the first symptoms appear, a 2-week quarantine is carried out immediately. If no symptoms have appeared during this time and the Health Department has not ordered a further quarantine, the employees can return to their workplace.
  • The workplace and all work equipment is cleaned and disinfected if the confirmed infected employee was at the workplace 48 hours before the first symptoms appeared.
  • Further measures, such as further disinfection and quarantine orders, are coordinated with the health authorities and carried out properly.
  • A confirmed infected employee may only return to the workplace after this has been confirmed by the health authority.

The crisis emergency team regularly advises on new and existing measures and regulations, as well as on any relaxation. The recommendations of the Federal Government and the RKI are consulted in this context.

Todtnau-Geschwend, June 03rd 2020

ZAHORANSKY Todtnau production site on short-time working

Due to the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis, our Todtnau plant is going into short-time working at an average of 15%. This measure cushions the current loss of sales due to prevented deliveries and commissioning and is a further preventive action to secure liquidity. As ZAHORANSKY Todtnau continues to work with 85% of its resources, work on current orders, service and sales of machines and spare parts is not affected.

All other production sites in Germany, Spain and India operate at 100%.

Todtnau-Geschwend, June 02nd 2020

ZAHORANSKY in India can work again with 100% of the workforce

ZAHORANSKY in India can work again with 100% of the workforce.

We have taken safety precautions for our team, visitors and contract working people:

  • Physical distancing
  • Covering the face (Mask, face shield)
  • Washing & Sanitizing of the hands
  • Screening at entry point
  • Every day each shift precautionary and awareness message by Covid-19 hygiene guides
  • Orientation messages for security, housekeeping staff, truck drivers, loading team

Todtnau-Geschwend, May 06th 2020

ZAHORANSKY India can produce with 50% of the workforce

From today on ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. in Coimbatore is allowed to work again with 76 of 152 employees in up to 3 shifts. This is valid until further notice and enables us to continue working on orders at full speed.

For the safety of the employees, extensive hygiene protection measures have been implemented. These include the wearing of mouth and nose protection, touch-free dispensers for disinfectants, hand washing stations, signs with rules of conduct, hygiene instructions, disinfection of rooms and offices, room dividers for meeting rooms and reduced and adapted occupancy of the canteen.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 29th 2020

ZAHORANSKY India starts production again in Coimbatore

Our plant in India will again be working with 20 employees per shift from tomorrow (April, 30th) onwards, in compliance with hygiene regulations. ZAHORANSKY has set up its own bus shuttle service for the safe transport of our Indian employees. Our logistics partners and parts suppliers are also largely operational again. Therefore, ZAHORANSKY India can continue to work on existing and new orders.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 24th 2020

Another lockdown in Tamil Nadu

ZAHORANSKY India is closed from April 27th to 29th due to another lockdown in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 21st 2020

ZAHORANSKY India is back!

Our plant in India is working again with 20 employees per shift in compliance with the hygiene regulations as of today. ZAHORANSKY has set up its own bus shuttle service for the safe transport of our Indian employees. Our logistics partners and parts suppliers are also largely operational again. Thus, ZAHORANSKY India can continue to work on existing and new orders.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 15th 2020

Renewed lockdown in India

The lockdown in India has been extended again until May 3rd. In addition, stricter rules will apply in the region where ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. has its production facility until April 20th, which will no longer allow our employees to commute to work. Therefore, our plant in Coimbatore will be closed again until April 20th.

As of April 20th, ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. can resume operations with a reduced workforce according to the status of today, April 15th.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 14th 2020

Production in Logroño starts up again

Following the officially ordered nationwide closure of most of the production facilities in Spain, ZAHORANSKY S.A. in La Rioja can resume full operations this Tuesday. On 4,000 square metres, around 70 employees manufacture and assemble machines for the production of household brushes and technical brushes. To protect the employees and to contain the spread of the virus, all employees use mouth and nose protection. Furthermore, the worldwide ZAHORANSKY code of conduct applies.

Production in India can operate again with restrictions

The production of injection moulds and machines in Coimbatore can resume operations with restrictions. The local authorities allow emergency operation with a maximum of 20 employees present at any one time. This enables ZAHORANSKY Moulds & Machines Pvt. Ltd. to continue working on existing orders as far as possible. The extent to which deliveries can be made is currently difficult to predict due to the massive restrictions in logistics and the general situation in India.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 9th 2020

Mandatory wearing of mouth and nose protection in all ZAHORANSKY plants and branches

Wearing mouth and nose protection is mandatory in all ZAHORANSKY production plants as well as sales and service branches to minimize the risk of infection.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 6th 2020

Further protective measures have been taken

Extended protective measures have been introduced at all ZAHORANSKY production facilities to reduce the risk of infection.

  • Personal desks and conference room desks have additional Macrolon barriers against droplet mist.
  • All workplaces are organized in such a way that a minimum distance of two meters to the next employee is guaranteed.
  • The wearing of a mouth and nose protector is compulsory when leaving the workplace and when the minimum distance of two meters cannot be maintained.
  • The maximum occupancy of rooms has been further reduced.
  • All main contact surfaces in rooms are disinfected daily.
  • The home office quota has been increased again.

With these and other measures, ZAHORANSKY is actively working to ensure that the supply of machines & systems, injection molds, automation solutions and spare parts can be guaranteed in the coming weeks.

Todtnau-Geschwend, April 1st 2020

Corona crisis management at ZAHORANSKY

The worldwide corona crisis also affects ZAHORANSKY, but does not catch us unprepared: For more than half a decade we have been using a business continuity management. This includes various contingency plans - including for pandemics and long-term financial crises. In many recurring emergency exercises, the ZAHORANSKY crisis emergency teams worldwide have prepared themselves intensively for emergencies. At present, 24/7 task forces on the topics of: employees & health, securing the company's existence and ability to deliver, secure the operative business. All production sites, sales and service branches and service areas of the ZAHORANSKY Group are involved. Below you will find information on the most urgent issues:

What is the situation regarding the ability to deliver & service availability?

The production sites in Todtnau, Freiburg and Rothenkirchen are currently operating without restrictions. The plant in Coimbatore (India), as well as the plant in Logroño (Spain), are closed (state of knowledge today) until April 14. 2020 by order of the respective governments. This applies to all production plants nationwide in both countries. Our service technicians in Germany, Brazil, USA, China and Japan can still travel in some cases and fulfill service orders. Wherever a physical presence on site is currently no longer possible, we support our customers with remote service solutions and via our telephone hotline (+49) 7671/ 997-138. Due to the high vertical range of manufacture for mechanical and electrical assemblies, high stock levels and multiple sourcing strategies, there are currently no or only minor delays or bottlenecks in delivery for machines, automation solutions and injection molds as well as spare parts.

What measures have been taken to maintain delivery & service availability?

ZAHORANSKY has implemented far-reaching measures worldwide to minimize the risk of corona infection for all employees:

  • Employees in administrative areas work mainly from the home office. Where this is not possible, the teams are divided and work in different offices or buildings at different times.
  • For external visitors, except for customers, our plants are currently closed. Contactless locks have been created for suppliers and goods traffic.
  • For mechanical production and assembly, redundancy is ensured in other production locations.
  • ZAHORANSKY has introduced extensive measures in cash flow management to provide financial security. Sufficient lines of credit are available at various banks and can be called in at any time to bridge the gap should this become necessary. However, we do not currently expect this to be the case.