The flexible and tireless

niche specialist

Our Z.SWAN is the powerful, all-in-one solution for the production of completely finished cosmetics and polishing brushes. The greatest flexibility in selecting brush types, extremely short standstill times, outstanding performance of up to 600 tufts/minute – the Z.SWAN impresses across the board. In line with our belief that “nothing is impossible”, you can place exceptional product demands on the Z.SWAN. The machine comes in two versions to optimally adjust to your specific needs: one version for the production of nail brushes, fully round and flat hairbrushes as well as a Z.SWAN to produce polishing brushes.

Designed for diversity

When it comes to diversity, this niche specialist knows no bounds: whether classic round hairbrushes or double-sided nailbrushes up to dental brushes for the polishing of dental prostheses. The small tool sizes also make it possible to produce brushes with low hole diameters and small filament bundles – to, for example, produce exceptionally soft face brushes or jewelry polishing brushes. Either monofilaments or, thanks to the tuft-in-tuft technology, two different types of filaments can be anchored into one hole. The integrated robot ensures a high degree of automation in continuous operation.

Reasons to pick the Z.SWAN

  • Handle feeding through a universal conveyor for various brush types
  • Quick (low standstill time) and flexible (for sample changes)
  • Processes wooden and plastic handles as well as filaments made of plastic, wire, natural fiber and natural hairs
  • Tuft-in-tuft of several filaments into the same hole
  • Integrated melting unit for monofilaments
  • 5 axes allow for longitudinal parallel hairbrush positioning
  • ZAHORANSKY TUFT CONTROL: Bundle press-in control for quality checks of the pull-out force

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