The small-brush specialist now boasts even greater output

Many evolutions go unnoticed at first glance, and only reveal themselves on closer inspection. The latest generation of our Z.SAILFIN is a perfect example. The uncontested market leader in the production of small brushes in mascara, medical, and interdental brushes is rather modest in size, with a footprint of just 4 m². Thanks to the new ZMI 4.0 machine controls, the Z.SAILFIN boasts up to 12 percent higher output – instead of 85 brushes, the machine can now produce up to 95 brushes per minute! The fully automatic line meets any customer demand, flexibly and reliably: mascara and interdental brushes with lengths between 16 and 40 mm can be produced with a wire diameter of between 0.18 and approx. 0.75 mm. On request, the machine can be extended to a brush length of up to 80 mm. With the smallest possible bending radii, it even continuously guarantees compliance with the EN ISO 16409 standard for interdental brushes.

The Z.SAILFIN trumps the competition all down the line: It has a higher output of up to 95 brushes/minute, retooling is around 50 percent quicker, and there are around 80 percent fewer wear parts. Twisting-in and trimming in the same clamping guarantees continuous high quality of all brushes – defective parts are virtually excluded. Clean, concentric cutting to length additionally prevents burring and feathering at the end of the brush. In addition to the integrated twisting-in and trimming process, the Z.SAILFIN offers camera-driven quality assurance with options to extend the machine for contour cuts and handle assembly. The Z.SAILFIN can even be expanded into a Z.IDP line (IDP = Integrated Dental Production) for the fully automatic production of completely finished and packaged interdental brushes.

Reasons to pick the Z.SAILFIN

  • Fitted with the latest ZAHORANSKY ZMI 4.0 machine controls
  • Now with a 12% higher output of up to 95 instead of 85 brushes/minute
  • Small footprint, flexible production with maximum performance
  • 50% quicker changeovers and 80% fewer wear parts than the competition
  • Can be expanded into a full Z.IDP line


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