Amazingly compact and

easy to operate

The Z.PARD has represented maximum output, greatest reliability, flexibility, and first-class ergonomics since its launch! During our latest makeover, we have made further optimizations to our specialist in the production of household and hygiene brushes, paying equal attention to the details on the outside as well as functionality: The swivel arm attached at the top makes the Z.PARD even more compact, ideal for production environments where space is limited. We’ve furthermore dropped the housing in the feeding section a bit, which allows the employee to move closer to the machine, counteracting both fatigue and unhealthy postures.

Reasons to pick the Z.PARD

  • Quick delivery times, great flexibility, short standstills
  • New LED strip with traffic light feature for better visualization of the current operating state
  • The entire process is automated with a new handover handling to a trimming machine with collaborative robot for final processing of the broom
  • Components are compatible with other household machines, such as a tufting tool, rapid-changeover plates, and sample parts

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