Z.LYNX 3 Greater power for



The fully automatic, high-performance Z.LYNX 3 now boasts an output increase of up to 85 percent in the production of twisted-in-wire brushes. We’ve reimagined our existing machine concept with clever innovations. Instead of producing one brush after the other as before, the production principle of the Z.LYNX 3 has been synchronized. The first part of the brush production takes place at one station and further processing or finishing at the next. The results are impressive: Instead of producing 4 brushes/minute, the new Z.LYNX 3 can now handle 7.5 brushes/minute. An output increase of up to 85 percent.

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Reasons to pick the Z. LYNX 3

  • The Z.LYNX is the only solution on the market to process twist-in filaments with a diameter of up to 4.0 mm
  • Fully automatic, no more manual operations required
  • Greatest flexibility for various brush patterns and the quickest possible changeovers
  • With the new ZMI 4.0 controls, the new and improved Z.LYNX 3 can be operated without requiring extensive training. The ZMI 4.0 additionally ensures even greater precision in controlling the mechanical components


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