The gold standard

in strip brush


Strip brushes are used in a vast range of ways in both industry and private life. Sealing, guiding, positioning, transporting, protecting and shielding, lining and closing openings, stripping, wiping, or cleaning: each of these demands requires a special solution. The machines of the Z.HORNET family are optimally equipped to meet these challenges. With their combination of great production precision and fully automated processes, they additionally significantly increase production efficiency. The Z.HORNET 2 is unrivalled in the automatic production of strip and plate brushes, convincing all down the line:

with its great tufting speed, it effortlessly masters large quantities and can additionally be expanded, all the way up to a fully automated production line. Various versions of the Z.HORNET can be configured, from a manually operated version up to a fully automatic machine with automatic handle feeding. Endless, single or multi-row strip brushes, or strip sections can be produced.

Reasons to pick the Z.HORNET

  • High output (Z.HORNET 2): Drills and tufts with speeds up to 800 bundles/minute
  • Quick retooling to other hole fields in just 10 to 15 minutes, for example for single or multi-row strip brushes
  • Can also process very short filaments, reducing cutting waste to a minimum to achieve savings of up to 20 percent
  • For filaments made of nylon, plastic, or natural fiber
  • Can optionally be connected to a filament feeding unit and trimming machine for fully automated production

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