MagneMotion: Moving at the beat of production

Linear transport system speeds up production and packaging processes

Automated transport systems are a crucial component in the design and efficiency of our large units. They connect the individual production cells and ensure seamless production processes at all times. By means of the MagneMotion linear transport system from Rockwell Automation, we can ensure the precision and flexibility required, even among ever changing demands.

Contrary to mechanical belt or chain conveyors, MagneMotion uses autonomous transport shuttles with permanent magnets on linear rails. This concept offers various benefits over rigid systems: Because MagneMotion actively transports each individual transport unit to its target destination, their positions can be monitored permanently. The shuttles are placed in a holding pattern if there are any asynchronicities in production, and the cycle times are afterwards made up for. Software-based algorithms calculate and implement the ideal sequence.

Kilian Rinklin, Head of Control Engineering, explains: “The strengths of MagneMotion come to the fore above all in production environments with high variability, allowing for the trouble-free production of Type A batches one day, and Type B batches the next. The shuttle position changes are specified by the control system – without any mechanical interference in the form of constructional changes. The customer can additionally carry out these changeovers themselves.”

MagneMotion offers you a range of benefits:

  • Designed for a long service life
  • Fewer moving parts = less wear
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Quick return on investment
  • Flexible adjustment
  • Makes up cycle times later on
  • Higher throughput
  • Accelerated movements between processing steps
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