Z.ORCA 113 i:

What’s new?

When it comes to premium quality in oral care, there is no way around it: With its versatility and diversity in design, our Z.ORCA is the classic choice in the efficient and high-quality production of toothbrushes.

We can even improve on premium quality

Our conviction is that you can only play in the big leagues if you constantly improve yourself. That’s why we’ve added several new features to the Z.ORCA 113i, which is manufactured in our factory in Coimbatore, India in accordance with German quality and production standards.

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Look forward to the following new and improved features:

  • Turning gripper high precision
  • Tufting tool in CTF design (high polished)
  • Double filament box
  • Double tuft deflector (pneumatic + CNC)
  • Depth compensation
  • Rubber elements deflector
  • Pull unit for anchor wire (aluminum wire)
  • Crosswise spreading
  • Lengthwise spreading
  • Hot stamping unit
  • Date code warm for TPE


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