Perfect cut.
Immaculate job.

Satisfied customers.

Consumers dream of applying nail polish in just one brush stroke. With perfect coverage. Without having to add a second layer. You can make this wish come true – together with our Z.TUCAN.

300 brushes/minute ≙ more than 430,000/day

We are very proud of our colorful bird, and rightly so:
  • Z.TUCAN fully automatically tufts, cuts, and grinds nail polish brushes
  • Without an operator
  • Space requirement: just four square meters

Quick, perfect cut

Our highlight – and trust us, it’ll soon be yours as well – is the dome cut without any drop in performance. This feature is retrofittable on almost all Z.TUCAN models. Our Z.TUCAN can cut almost any radius – for brush shapes that ensure that your customers experience the most comfortable nail polishing experience yet.

Expertise from other fields to drive your success

You also benefit from our experience in other areas, which we put to effective use in the cutting of brushes. We combine this with a development process tailored to your requests and needs to deliver a Z.TUCAN that is second to none.

Our promise to you: After prototyping, you’ll receive a test cut in a very short time – and you’ll be nothing short of awestruck.

Our mission: thinking of everything

And how do you later fit the brush into the bottle without feathering or bending the filaments during the process? We’ve got you covered with our downstream paint bath and the drying tower. The brush is enclosed with a polish that can dissolve later on, fully "ready to bottle".

Our little extra for you: It’s a labor of love.