Solid as a
Black Forest rock

Mehmet Ermis has been working for ZAHORANSKY for 30 of his 47 years on earth – and combines his cumulative expert knowledge on household, technical, and cosmetic machines.

It wasn’t until this summer that he assumed the management position of the sales team in this field. According to him: “Every new challenge is based on the know-how and experience of what has been learned in the past. This foundation helps my team and myself to break new ground for our customers.”

Keep an eye on the customer and strive for more

This approach explains why he is not only respected by his employees, colleagues, and supervisors, but also by his customers. They benefit from the expertise of the team leader, which he has acquired over the course of his 30 years in household, technical, and cosmetic machines: from the bottom up.

An education as a solid basis

He started at ZAHORANSKY during his mechanic apprenticeship, which laid the foundation for his future career. Afterwards, he moved into the construction sector as an engineering draftsman. He continued his education to become a machine designer and worked in the design engineering department for 18 years. During this time, he focused a lot on brush samples and made sure that machines were tailored to manufacture brushes that exactly correspond with the requirements of the customer.

Mehmet Ermis

«Regardless of whether it concerns your private or professional life: I think that nobody should rest on the laurels of initial successes and should always strive for more – this is the only way to keep things interesting.»

One of the first project managers in the company

“Over time, our machines have grown larger and more complex to better suit the individual customer and market needs”, he explains. As a result, project managers were appointed within the company. Mehmet Ermis was one of the first of his kind at ZAHORANSKY.

Father of the tiger

“During this time, I traveled to our customers a lot, together with my colleagues from the sales department”, he says about his first contacts with direct customers. Behind the scenes, he was involved in almost every brush project in one way or another in the course of his career. He did not limit himself to the world outside of the ZAHORANSKY walls, Mehmet Ermis was also responsible for important internal tasks, assuming project management responsibilities for the development of the Z.TIGER, the specialist in the production of household and hygiene brushes.

Involved in the development of product management

Eight years ago, he had the opportunity, along with several colleagues, to develop the new product management department. In this new interface between technology and sales, he scored top grades, building on his many years of experience in the brush industry, especially for complex orders that require a great deal of clarification.

Clever ideas? Right this way!

In his role as a team leader, he is responsible for the salespeople who are in direct contact with the customer. “I use my experience to bring in solutions that offer the customer new ideas in production or for further developments. Of course, it is also my job to pass on this knowledge to my sales colleagues, so that we can work together even more effectively for our customers”, he explains. Sometimes, for example, functions of other machines can be used to master certain challenges – this saves time, which in turn benefits our customers.

«It’s very important for me to give my all in every area and to use my strengths. It really helps myself, the company, and above all our customers.»

Turkish customers as guests in Todtnau

Lending an ear to our customers

At ZAHORANSKY, focus is places on consulting: “We listen to our customers and want to find out: What’s important to them? What’s the objective? Using these approaches, we then develop solutions that contain the exact components that our customer needs in order to operate competitively”, adds the experienced professional.

The goal: exceeding expectations

Mr. Ermis has also set himself high goals for the future: being better positioned, together with his team, as a partner for his customers. “My goal is for the international distributors and subsidiaries to grow together even further. Our customer queries are diverse, and so is the individuality of our systems. We tirelessly work to exceed our customers' expectations.”

Groundwork stays important

He has already created a suitable accompanying vision for the future: Mr. Ermis would like to split up his tasks in three equal parts, being there for his team in Todtnau and the subsidiaries, but also to serve as a direct contact person for his customers while working together with them. “I am convinced that you can only be fully involved if you continue to work 'on the foundation' in direct customer contact. That's the only way I can keep track of what our customers need and how we can best support them.”

«I would like to move the company forward, I want us to continue working and redefining ourselves. We can delight in the success of last year, but I expect us to get to the next tier this year. That’s always possible.»