The new Z.LION with “BOOZT axis” technology can be adapted for your needs: Thanks to its sophisticated technology, the machine not only facilitates your brush production, but is also easily upgradeable.

BOOZT lion strength for your production

Turn four axes into five – with just an upgrade

What do we mean by that? Should your production volume increase, the “BOOZT axis” technology allows you to turn your four-axis machine easily into a five-axis machine – without extensive conversions, all you need is a upgrade.

An investment-friendly machine that thinks with you

The Z.LION is easily adaptable for your current needs. This means you get twice the benefits: You only need to invest in your current needs, but will have a machine suitable for future production volume increases – without excessive additional costs or time. You only pay for what you need.

The Z.LION – a partner with lion’s strength!