At your service

Sales Office

“Our main task is to ensure that our orders are clearly defined, go smoothly through production, and are developed to the satisfaction of our customers.”

Gordana Träris, Head of Sales Office

The ZAHORANSKY Sales Office (SO) is the internal sales team and a vital internal interface on your way to a machine or injection mold in Black Forest Quality.

Side by side with distribution

The Sales Office team supports active distribution, i.e., your direct contact partner. This includes clarifying questions such as: Can we deliver to that country? What packaging do we need? After all, everything needs to be clarified before the first quote is even written.

In the past twelve months, the Sales Office has:

recorded around 6,200 order items 

written around 2,500 quotes

photographed at least 1,500 designs and set them up in the database 

Before and after the order – that’s our job

Once the order is signed off, the Sales Office takes over again. This is when the order goes into the production phase. The team handles the delivery dates and required sample material to ensure a smooth production process for your future machine.

Catch-up after six months

But the Sale Office team’s work doesn’t stop there. You’ve probably heard back from the Sales Office around six months after delivery with questions regarding: Training? Repair? Additional information? Is there anything else we can do for you?

After all, we give our best to ensure your success!