An online presence with animal strength

Are you familiar with our new website?

Quick as a Z.PARD

Our new website not only offers exciting insight into our companies and our product range – it also loads within seconds. Whether you’re at your computer at work or on the go, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips thanks to the speedy loading times.

Strong as a Z.SHARK

We’re ahead of the game when it comes to usability, too. Regardless of which browser you use or if you visit our website via a computer, tablet or smartphone – you can enjoy a real web surfing experience.

Elegant as a Z.SWAN

Our web design is modern, neat, and attractive. We’re sure there’s no better way to present true Black Forest Quality.

Clever as a Z.TIGER

You want to find information quickly and easily? Great, our website is just the ticket: Its simple and intuitive menu navigation will get you there without beating around the bush.

Sophisticated as a Z.VAMP

We even got you a little treat: With our machine configurator, you can test which type of brushes a machine can produce. And vice versa – with our brush configurator, you can find the right machine.

Try it out for yourself!

Allow us to introduce ZAHO – the movie

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